Children’s Church (JAM club) during Lockdown

Our children’s JAM Club have been meeting each week throughout the lockdown at the usual time of 9:45am on a Sunday morning using the video conferencing platform Zoom. This format has worked really well and has given all our families and leaders an opportunity to share in worship each week and maintain a sense of the Sunday morning routine. We are looking forward to sharing JAM club with lots of new families from across Aberlady and Gullane who would like to join us during this period, regardless of whether you have been to JAM club before.

We start each week with welcoming all the families before sharing in a prayer and short children’s talk from our minister or one of our leaders. Using a combination of links to online stories on YouTube and leaders reading stories, we share a bible story and usually take part in an interactive activity. Our leaders usually also prepare some simple crafts or worksheets requiring minimum support and material from parents which children can continue after our meeting.

So far we have made Easter Cards to distribute to our vulnerable congregation members, made rainbows to decorate our church windows, created palm leaves at our front gates, showcased families’ theatrical skills by each miming a part of the Palm Sunday story for other families to guess what is happening and explored our own times when we have doubted something like doubting Thomas. Over the next few weeks we are looking forward to planting sunflower seeds to share with vulnerable members of our church family, going for a walk along the road to Emmaus, Gullane style and lots of fun, games and laughter. We hope that new families will join us and we look forward to welcoming everyone.

For more information please follow our Facebook page @AberladyAndGullaneChurchForChildren and contact Rachel Wallace on who can send you the invitation to our weekly Zoom meetings.