Introducing the 12 Windows of Christmas

With preparations for Christmas this year being severely curtailed due to COVID, we wanted to do our bit to bring the community together, including those who are finding themselves more housebound than usual. So, JAM Club has decided to put together a festive ‘treasure hunt’ around the village and we would like to invite everyone in the community to take part and spread some festive cheer as they do. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help us by “dressing up” their windows.

How it works

We have asked 12 households from the Gullane congregation to “dress up” a window in their house with some extra Christmas magic this year. Each day, from the 14th until 18th December, we will post some pictures of these exciting windows on the church Facebook page to give everyone sneak preview of what to look out for. On Friday 18th December, we will then publish a route around the village, and everyone in the community will be invited to walk, scoot, cycle (or use a reindeer and sleigh if they have them!) to seek out these windows in the week leading up to Christmas Day. Each window will have a different word hidden somewhere amongst its decorations. Once they find all the windows – and all 12 words in them – entrants will have to work out which well-known Christmas message we’re sharing. Once answers have been worked out, we’re asking people to email to be entered into a raffle to win an exciting prize (still to be determined at time of writing!).

If you’re interested in joining in the fun, please consider spreading some festive cheer by dressing the part. There will be an extra prize for the most Christmassy treasure hunting family group, so dust off those festive jumpers, Santa hats, angel wings, tinsel, crowns and shepherds’ crooks, and send us a picture with your completed Christmas message. We’ll post the best examples on our Facebook page and the person or group judged most jolly and festive will win a special prize.  We’d love to fill the village with kindness, hope, love and happiness as we enter this year’s unique socially distanced advent season.

More Info

Up to date information will be shared on our website and on our Facebook Page @AberladyGullaneParishChurches. Or please contact Hilary Smyth on 01620 844 288 or 07702 638 170 or on for more information.