Craft Packs for Children and Families in Gullane

The lockdown is proving particularly challenging for families with young children. We are now 6 weeks into children being home-schooled and predominantly housebound, with no access to their friends, activities or clubs, and there is as yet no end date for this situation. For families without access to paints, glue and crafting materials, the challenges are even more keenly felt.

Rachel, one of our leaders at JAM Club (our Sunday school for children up to aged 12) has scoured our JAM Club Craft cupboard at Gullane Parish Church, and teamed up with the Gullane Resilience Team to provide support to families during the COVID-19 lockdown with crafting materials for children.

Together, they have now made up 40 craft packs which are being distributed to families across Gullane as well as being available at the Gullane Village Hall on Tuesdays from 12-2pm. At the Village Hall, there are also DVDs, books, games and jigsaws for sharing, plus the food contributions from Aldi.

Parents across the world are spending their days trying to provide entertainment for their children with little external support, beyond what is available through screen time. For families who were struggling before the lockdown, this new situation can feel intolerable at time and never-ending. It is hoped that these craft packs will provide welcome respite to parents and provide children with an opportunity to showcase their creative talent.

More information is available on Facebook, both through the Church Facebook page and the Gullane Resilience Team.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Wee Red Upcylces, Homestart East Lothian and the Gullane Resilience Team for all they are doing to support families across our community and beyond.