Brian Hilsley [Minister]

In September 2020 I will celebrate 30 years as a Parish Minister, the last five of which have been spent in Aberlady and Gullane. Before full time Ministry I worked as a solicitor in Edinburgh. Born in Galloway, I moved to Edinburgh in 1976. Childhood holidays were spent in North Berwick so I have always loved this part of Scotland. I enjoy reading, singing and listening to music. Outdoors, I love to walk our spaniel and to work in the garden; with the occasional game of golf as a bonus. My wife, Dorothy and I were delighted, last year, when our daughter in law gave birth to our first grandchild. She is, of course, beautiful and a major focus of our attention.

Having spent so long working with people, I have no doubt that spirituality is a central part of being human. There is so much to enjoy physically and intellectually, and we are certainly not short of opportunities to exercise those parts in today’s world. Emotionally and spiritually there is also no shortage of people out there seeking to influence our lives; but who and what to follow? There is a bewildering choice. As a child of the 1950’s, born in Scotland, it is hardly surprising that the dominant spiritual influence in my life is Jesus of Nazareth. Taken to Sunday worship every week I learned about Jesus without having to try very hard and I became comfortable in the culture and practice of the Church. As a young man I drifted from that for a short time but arriving in a new city, it was in the Church that I found structure, support, love and encouragement. Studying theology in my early 30’s gave me the privilege of exploring my faith thoroughly and I have been blessed to continue to do that every day from then until now. In Jesus of Nazareth I have found an unfailing source of guidance and support. I have found life in him beyond anything I could have imagined would be the case. That is why I do what I do; seeking to get alongside others and to share my experience; all that I have learned and continue to learn, daily, through my relationship with Jesus Christ.