Aberlady Giving

Regular financial giving is very important, and it helps the Kirk Session and the Treasurer to make firm plans to meet the Church's financial commitments if they know what donation income they can rely on.

The best and simplest way to make your donation is by Bank Standing Order.  This method reduces administration to a minimum, and guarantees an assured and regular flow of income throughout the year.  The frequency of standing order payment can be chosen to suit individual need and, as well as monthly, may be quarterly, six-monthly or yearly.  Mandate Forms are available from the Treasurer.

Completed mandate forms should be returned to your Elder or the Treasurer, who will send the original to your bank, and give you a copy for your own records.

Quarterly Donation Envelopes are delivered by Elders to Members who have requested these usually a few weeks before Communion.  These can be used at any time, but most members using this system return the sealed envelope to their Elder, who then forwards it to the Treasurer.  It is hoped that you will consider completing the Gift Aid Box on the front which will allow the church to reclaim this from HMRC.

Sets of 52 Freewill Offering Envelopes, pre-printed with each Sunday's date, enable donors to set aside a weekly amount whether they are able to attend church regularly or not.

Some donors prefer to pay by cheque, and the Treasurer will be pleased to accept these at any time.

While Aberlady Church Envelopes, with the Gift Aid logo, are always available in the Church, and can be used at any time for offerings - these can be submitted anonymously, or please complete your name and address if you wish the Church to claim Gift Aid on your donation.

With your co-operation, by completing the Gift Aid Section on the envelope or a Gift Aid Declaration Form, the above methods will enable the Church to claim Gift Aid (25p for every £1) on your donation if you are eligible. 'Gift Aid' donations form the major part of our income, and the total tax reclaims each year makes a significant contribution to the financial well-being of our Church.

Finally, cash donations may be placed in the collection plate on Sundays, or at any time in the donations box near the entrance to the Church, but please remember that unidentified cash donations,  always appreciated, can now qualify for tax reclaim.

Gift Aid Declaration forms are available elsewhere on this website.  "Signing up" increases your donation to the Church at no cost to yourself.

To all members, friends and visitors, thank you for your DONATIONS and completed Gift Aid Forms.

No matter how you choose to give to Aberlady Parish Church we hope you will ensure your giving is coupled with a completed gift aid declaration form (PDF).

All donations to Aberlady Parish Church are treated with the utmost confidentiality.