Over hundreds of years couples have come to be married in these picturesque settings. You don’t need to be a member of the Church to be married in Church but what you do need to consider is that marriage in Church is a Christian marriage, held before God, during which you will make vows to each other of love and faithfulness. In a Christian marriage service God’s blessing is asked for you and for your relationship, your promises to each other are made in his name and your future is entrusted to his hands.

It is hoped that as you root your marriage in Aberlady or Gullane Parish Church that it will become an important place for you and a place to which you feel you can return to in the years which lie ahead.

If you would like to enquire more about marriage in either of our churches, please contact the church office for the wedding leaflet and request form. The Request Form should be sent to the church office either by email or post. The Secretary will be able to answer any immediate questions and will put you in touch with the minister who will meet with you and discuss the possibility of your marriage taking place in the church of your choice.