Church Membership

Baptism is the initial stage of entrance into the church whether of a child or an adult - it is but a stage on a journey. If baptism happens as a child the vows will have been taken on the child’s behalf by their parents or guardians. There is, however, a point when as the child grows up they may wish to take ownership of the vows taken on their behalf and so come forward for Confirmation. When an adult is baptised, baptism and confirmation would usually happen at the same time. Profession of Faith can take place at any age.

Profession of Faith is how an individual joins the church – it is not an end in itself but a stage in a lifelong journey. After a period of preparation the following vows are taken during morning worship:-

  • Do you believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and do you confess Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord?
  • Do you promise to join regularly with your fellow Christians in worship on the Lord’s Day?
  • Do you promise to be faithful in reading the Bible and in prayer?
  • Do you promise to give a fitting proportion of your time, talents and money for the church’s work in the world?
  • Do you promise, depending on the grace of God, to profess publicly your loyalty to Jesus Christ, to serve him in your daily work, and to walk in his ways all the days of your life?

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