Aberlady and Gullane Parish Church run activities for children of all ages during Sunday worship and throughout the week. All children (and their parents and carers) are very welcome. All our children's activities are run by volunteers and all leaders are PVG checked and recruited according to Church of Scotland guildlines. For more infomration about all our children's activities, please contact Rachel Wallace on or see our Facebook Page @AberladyandGullaneChurchForChildren.

Sunday Worship

Our children's clubs are held in Gullane Parish Church on a Sunday. At every service throughout the year, we have a Creche for babies and toddlers aged roughly up to 3. For older children JAM Club (3 - 8 years) meets during the Gullane service and MAC Club (for older primary children c. P4 - S2) meets on selected Sunday evenings from 6 - 7:30pm. 

Creche (0 - 3 year olds)

Creche is run every week with two creche helpers on duty each week. Children from newborn to aged 3 are welcome to use the facility, either from the start of the Gullane service or to join at any point during it. Visiting children are most welcome! Creche is held in the Vestry (the small room just on the right before you enter the church sanctuary)

JAM Club (3 - 8 year olds)

The name JAM Club was chosen by the children in 2017. It stands for Jesus and Me but also signified the fact that they all liked jam! JAM Club is an opportunity for young children to explore the Christian message through a fun combination of storytelling, art, craft, drama, games and music. Each week, it is run by a minimum of two adult leaders. During JAM Club, we follow our 'JAM Plan' which is a song, prayer, story, craft/activity and snack. Each term, we follow a theme or themes with a variety of crafts and activites to engage the children. In the past some of our larger projects have included artistic displays for the church centre, creating a film about the people in our church, engaging in community events like our local beach clean and of course our annual Nativity performance.  The children often have the opportunity to take part in (or on occasion, lead) our Sunday worship, to share what they have learnt with the rest of the congregation. During school term time, JAM Club children usually join the congregation at the start of the service at the front of the church sanctuary (there are small chairs/stools in front of the minister) and leave with their leaders after the children's address. Visiting children are most welcome! See below for arrangements during All Age services and Holidays.

MAC Club (P4 - S2)

The name MAC Club was chosen by the children in 2012. and it stands for Me and Church. MAC Club provides older children with an opportunity to learn more about the Christian message through fun and informal activities including art, craft, drama, games and music. Given the competing demands on the time of our young people of this age, MAC Club do not meet on a Sunday morning, however, they are very welcome to join JAM Club either as helpers or to join in the activities - whichever they would prefer. MAC Club meet on selected Sunday evenings from 6.00 - 7:30pm to join in teaching and activites together. Details for MAC Club meetings will be advertised in our church notices, our website's events page and our Children's Facebook page, as well as e-mails sent to those who have already registered interest. Visiting children are most welcome! Please contact the church office for more information or to add your name to the e-mail distribution list.

All Age Services and Holidays

We hold regular all age services (see our "Events" page for details of these), where we welcome all the children for the duration of the service at the front of the church sanctuary. There, a children's play area is set up for young (and older!) children to draw, play and toddle about whilst feeling part of the service. All age services, as well as the first part of our normal services are planned with the needs, interests and attention spans of children in mind and their participation is welcomed. Our creche does run during these services, which you are welcome to use, however all children (including gurny or noisy ones!) are very welcome to join the service as well. 

During school holidays, JAM Club does not run, however children are very welcome to join us at the front of the church where there will be crafts and activities set up to entertain them during the second half of the service, after the kids' address. Creche will run as usual during this time for younger ones. 

Additional Activities

Junior Choir

Our Junior Choirs are run by Janet Anderson and meet every Thursday during term time from 3:30 - 4:15pm in the Gullane Church Centre. New, for the Autumn 2018 term, we have also introduced a P1 Junior Choir which will meet from 3pm - 3:30pm on a Tuesday or Thursday. Please see the "Music" section of this website for details or contact Janet Anderson on 01620 842 822 for more information.

Craft Afternoons

Around Christmas time, Easter, Harvest and during the Summer, we hold a Community Craft Afternoon where all children from the community are invited to join us for an afternoon of crafting, teaching and to share a meal together. This is a wonderful opportunuty for the whole family to join a church event, particularly those who are unable to attend our regular Sunday morning meetings.