A Message from the Treasurer

Many of you make your donation to the church by periodic donation or bank transfer and we are grateful for your continued support. There are also a number of members who make their contributions on a weekly basis using envelopes or simple cash in in the open plate. As you are aware the enforced closure means the church no longer has any open plate collections to support it.

Over the past year almost 50% of our annual donations were received through the open plate. This averages £2000 per month of lost income. We have continued responsibility to maintain our properties (the church building and the manse) and to contribute to the Church of Scotland centrally, from which it pays all ministers and administers the entire organisation.  As things currently stand we are running at a monthly deficit of £2500.

As per the last accounts the church had cash reserves of £36,000 and investments valued ( at that time) of £85,000. If the current position continues we will run out of cash in little over a year and be forced to sell investments. Current conditions have severely depressed the value of those investments and any sale would seriously damage our financial position.

It is clear that some members of the congregation have already changed their method of support by using direct banking or by standing order and I encourage as many of you as are able to consider supporting us this way.

The Church’s bank details should you wish to make a direct transfer or set up a standing order are:

Gullane Parish Church



If you do wish to make a donation then please let us know by contacting Morag Black or me through the website contact form.

Thank you all for your continued support.


Joe McGrane ( Treasurer) May 2020